Valitse Sivu


Henlo my weebs and boos! My name is Sebastian Mustonen and I’m video game playing,  anime watching  freelance illustrator from  the beautiful Finland!

My journey to leveling up started in 1996 and I’ve been drawing ever since I was a kid. I ended up turning my hobby in to a passion career, following my dreams and icons.

I mostly work on fanarts of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, but I also work on some original art. There’s also some anime art sprinkled in there! (◑‿◐)

I work on commissions, as and when I get them! So if you’re interested, don’t be scared to contact me!  (*´ω`*)

You can also get stickers, charms, art prints, custom T-shirts and custom hoodies from me!

!! Charms, T-shirts and hoodies are made to order !!

I’m also working in my own ad agency called Oni Print.